NEA Writers' Corner – "He has state­-sponsored cell phone minutes/and a camo jacket hung on the sideview to dry."
Narrative – "The details always the same./Salt wind tearing at his jacket./Bootheels dug deep//in the chainlink."
New England Review – "Mike pins me to the sink, forearm/levered against my throat..."
The Missouri Review – "SCUM in fat bubble letters. White paint livid/on the blacked-over brick..."
Adroit Journal  🔊  – "I mean/when I lift Noah, half-asleep,/to my chest and turn//for home."
Blackbird – "Mornings I'd take back what was mine/and each night more would go missing..."
The Cortland Review  🔊  – "When Charlie pulls the Colorado over/and tells me to fuck off..."
Bat City Review –"He pinches the j between his first two fingers squints an eye against the ribbon of smoke..."
Narrative – "Off early from B&R Diesel, sharp/with liquor and filtered Kings..."