The Slowdown w/ Tracy K. Smith   🔊– “There’s no one left to see his hands/lifting from the engine bay…”
NEA Writers' Corner – "He has state­-sponsored cell phone minutes/and a camo jacket hung on the sideview to dry."
         +   🔊 via New England Review / Bread Loaf Writers' Conference here.
New England Review – "Mike pins me to the sink, forearm/levered against my throat..."
Sewanee Review – “Most days the same/with minor variations. Flat blue//of the 5am kitchen.”
Gulf Coast – "The receptionist holds up/a small paper bag/stapled shut. Whatever/you had worth saving."


Lit Hub – “The aim is not to make a 1:1 model of my life, but to make, each time, the most arresting representation of what it feels like to be alive.”


89.7 KMSU Weekly Reader 🔊– “I lose track of what’s real and what’s not. And think that’s necessary to make the art as strong and convincing as it can be.”